Building Solutions & Adaptations

We can provide a full range of build services, including; building extensions for bathrooms, bedrooms and bathrooms (showers & wet-rooms), creating improved access through better pathways and ramps (concrete, brick or slab), as well as widening doorways. All building work is carried out to the highest of standards at competitive prices – and managed seamlessly to ensure your total piece of mind throughout the entire project.

All work is design and delivered to take into account the lifestyle needs and requirements of each individual client – whilst meeting all required safety regulations.

Access Solutions – Doorways, Ramps and Pathway Laying Service

Our specialist team of installers can provide a path laying and access ramp service and any required alterations to doorways (including widening opening and replacing doors in either uPVC or Wood). All of our installers are friendly and work in a professional manner whilst ensuring our work is carried out to a high standard and take great pride in what they do. We offer a range of services from Driveways, Block Paving and Patios and can offer a wide range of blocking, slabs and decorative stone or flint and concreting.

Our prices are always competitive, so please feel free to call us for a quote.

Pathways & Ramps

We will ensure all pathways are constructed to provide firm level surfaces from materials that are non-slip in wet weather conditions to ensure the safest access for wheelchair users and those who are blind or unstable on their feet. Hard surfaces must have a well-consolidated sub-base to avoid the surface cracking, moving or rutting.  Loose materials, such as gravel and pebbles are not recommended for pathways.

Ramps will also be constructed to meet all modern safety standards – though we will always consider the best materials to use to maintain to good aesthetic appearance.

Doorways Adaptations

We can provide a range of solutions for widening doorways so that they become more easily to pass through for wheelchair users. Each commission will be assessed individually to provide the most suitable solution of the individuals needs – whilst always delivering a pleasing result from a range of materials and in keeping with the style of your property.

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